Building History

  • 1. Laying the "asvesti" (Slow drying cement).

  • 2. The design is drawn into the asvesti.

  • 3. The black stones are placed first, followed by the white stones.

  • 4. Placing the stones one by one "Truly a dying art".

  • 5. Finally when the asvesti is almost dry the stones are flattened with a hand made "Patoury". The most important part of the stone laying.

  • 6. Every design needs about a day to finish.

Tota, who oversaw all the renovations, worked hard with Barry, a british "local" artist, to find the right style for Dreams. Barry hand painted the bar panels using museum copies as a guide. No one seems to know how or why ceiling painting started. It was considered a sign of wealth. Once again Tota and Barry created the fantastic hand painted ceiling. Converting the roofs into what are now, some of the most comfortable and relaxing garden terraces in Lindos, was yet another challenge. With the panoramic views, the fountain gently tinkling in the background and your expertly made cocktail, The Dream Team is sure you will agree with them that it was worth the effort.

Rhodes, Lindos, Greece